Mission Statement

We are committed to making a difference in your child’s life by offering exceptional patient care in a nurturing and professional environment to our patients, parents, and the communities we serve.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the number one choice for pediatric services.

Who We Are

We are more than just a pediatric clinic; we are a family committed to providing our patients with the best pediatric care available. At Children’s International Medical Group, we have both the children’s and their parent’s best interests at heart. We promote physical and emotional well-being through comprehensive and personalized medical care and maintain an active role in each of the communities we serve.




The essence of who we are, all of us and all of those who make it possible to be.


The openness and honesty of doing the right thing at all times; our moral compass towards excellence.


The measurement of our personal and professional achievement; able to stand up high looking back with pride and looking forward to the future with confidence.


The courage to be unique and different; the inner flame that inspires what we do.


The pursuit of being the best; the desire of doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.


The unstoppable will to deliver a promise.


Children’s International promotes patient accessibility through the following: offering twenty-two locations spread across various communities in Louisiana; Mississippi, and soon, Alabama; offering after-hours care; using electronic records that can be pulled up at any location and can even be accessed through our patient portal by parents; and accepting a large variety of insurance plans to accommodate our patients. To find out more about our hours or insurance plans, click here.


At Children’s International Medical Group, healthcare is synonymous with family. Once you and your child walk through the clinic doors, you are home and we are here to take care of you the same way we would take care of our own family members.


Your child will be seen by the same medical group throughout their childhood into young adulthood


We offer a large variety of preventative, primary, and specialty care services to ensure that your child receives thorough health care. For more information about the comprehensive medical services we offer, click HERE.


Our healthcare model functions through a carefully coordinated network of medical professionals who are constantly communicating with one another. This means that all our staff are well-informed and able to handle situations accordingly.


Our healthcare approach strives to create an intimate, hometown feel that encompasses the resources of a large metropolitan health center. Compassion nourishes the roots of our health care model and we reflect this during the interactions with our patients and their families.