Chief Business Officer

Location: Corporate Office

Brittany Frost was raised in Slidell, LA where she attended Slidell High School. She then attended the University of New Orleans where she graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Human Resources. After gaining valuable experience by working in restaurant management for 10 years, she decided to pursue her passion for Human Resources by joining Children’s International Medical Group.   Brittany decided to further her education and career by obtaining her MBA and was promoted to the Chief Business Officer position where she wears many different hats on a daily basis.

One of the reasons she decided to pursue her career with Children’s International, was our strong commitment to being an ’employer of choice’ and ‘making coming to work the best part of our employee’s day’.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Favorite Quote: 
    • Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
  • Most Inspired By: 
    • My 2 amazing children.
  • Hobbies: 
    • Shopping & Movies
  • Favorite Movie: 
    • Pretty Woman
  • Favorite Food:
    • Sushi
  • Favorite Color:
    • Pink
  • Favorite Cartoon: 
    • Betty Boop