how to talk to kids about coronavirus

Trying To Figure Out How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus?

Being a parent means you might overhear your kid talking to another kid about things on the news or that grownups frequently discuss with each other. With all the headlines and talk about the coronavirus you might have heard your kid chit chatting about this with a friend or family member. Just like rumors, with adults or kids the facts can become distorted or exaggerated so it’s a good idea to reassure your kid of the facts.

A simple google search will render some age-appropriate facts for kids. It’s a good idea to keep it simple. you can explain it like having a cold or the flu that makes you feel really bad. Let them know that most people who catch this sickness stay home, get some rest, and get all better. And that we have wonderful doctors and nurses who can help people get well.

Reassuring them that they are safe will lower any anxieties they might have, which is the most important message kids can hear from their parents, their protectors. Also, letting them know that there are tricks to avoiding getting sick and that you can teach them will help them feel better about sticking to their normal routine.

We’re Germ Busters!

Get them excited about being germ busters with you with simple things your family can do to prevent the spreading and catching of germs. The hygiene routines that slow the spread of the coronavirus are the same habits that help keep everyone healthy all year round.

4 Germ-Busting Habits To teach Kids To Help Prevent Spreading The Coronavirus.

1. Wash Your Hands
Make it a family routine before every meal and snack to wash hands. If you do it together, you can model for them how to use soap, rub your hands together and rinse. For a timer, try slowly singing the ABC’s together while you rub and scrub those germs off.

2. Catch that Cough
When kids cough or sneeze, they usually do it right into their hands and then they use those hands to touch everything. Instead, teach them that they can cough and sneeze into their elbow. You can make it a fun little game with kids by challenging them to catch the cough in their elbow. Cheer when they catch it and when they accidentally catch it in their hands bring them to wash their hands with soap and water and start the game again.

3. Rest is Best
Daniel Tiger reminds us that “When you’re sick, rest is best!” good episode to show kids and a great song to sing when they are feeling under the weather. Explain to them that when people are sick, we can stay home and rest our bodies so we can be germ busters by not spreading germs or going to school sick and getting the others kids sick too. Parents can keep themselves and their kids home if they have a fever or other symptoms.

4. Practice Healthy Habits
It’s a good idea to remind kids that sleep, exercise, and eating healthy foods are great, everyday ways to strengthen their bodies. They have probably already had at least one cold this season and maybe other types of illnesses. Once they understand that they get sick from germs and that germs are invisible, getting them to wash their hands regularly should become a little easier for parents. They can be responsible germ busters when they practice hand-washing, cough-catching, resting, and basic healthy living. Give them something to be proud of and lower their anxiety at the same time!