George Cowan D.O. (Pediatrician in Bogalusa & Franklinton) 1


Pediatrician’s Locations: Franklinton, Bogalusa

Frankinlinton Phone: (985) 795-2228

Bogalusa Phone: (985) 730-6670

Pediatrician bio coming soon.

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Who We Are

We are more than just a pediatric clinic; we are a family committed to providing our patients with the best pediatric care available. At Children’s International, we have both the children’s and their parent’s best interests at heart. We promote physical and emotional well-being through comprehensive and personalized medical care and maintain an active role in each of the communities we serve. Call today to schedule an appointment with a pediatrician at one of our clinics.

Family-Centered Pediatric Clinics

At Children’s International, healthcare is synonymous with family. Once you and your child walk through the clinic doors, you are home and we are here to take care of you the same way we would take care of our own family members.

Comprehensive Care

We offer a large variety of preventative, primary, and specialty care services to ensure that your child receives thorough health care. For more information about the comprehensive medical services we offer, see our pediatric services page or call anytime during clinic hours to make an appointment with a pediatrician at one of our clinics.