Three Paths to a Great Destination –

Children’s International Medical Group®

You choose the path that you would like to take in order to become a part of Children’s International Medical Group®. They all lead to a company that provides you all the support you need to have a thriving practice and still enjoy the quality of life you deserve. Our clinics offer our providers – no weekend calls, no after-hours calls and holidays off.


  • Identify a market where you would like to practice.
  • Children’s International Medical Group® conduct’s a feasibility study.
  • Children’s International Medical Group® will set up the clinic, hire support staff and incur all start-up costs.


  • Children’s International Medical Group® offers the possibility of merging with existing practices. We will consider the purchase of the practice’s real estate and equipment. We are the experts at managing and running the day to day operation of the practice and you can focus on what you do best – providing great healthcare. Our business model offers providers a more flexible schedule, a better lifestyle, and a greater financial return than most private practices are able to generate.


  • Chose one of Children’s International Medical Group’s® existing clinics in which to practice.
  • Children’s International Medical Group® offers a competitive compensation package which directly rewards your hard work.
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